T58 - $20 Keatinge & Ball

from the sixth issue, April 6, 1863

The Tennessee State Capitol, Nashville, is in the center. A bust of Alexander H. Stephens, vice-president of the Confederate States, is to the lower right. These bills have a blue ornate reverse with denomination. They are printed on plain and watermarked paper (CSA block, CSA block with wavy borderline, J Whatman 1862 and Hodgkinson & Co. Wookey Hole Mill). The J Whatman and Hodgkinson watermarks are very rare.

These bills are overprinted at right end with the month of issue, April 1863 to October 1863. They are printed with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd Series and without series. Over 80 plate letter (A to H), printer's imprint and paper variety combinations exist. As usual, date overprints and minor varieties increase this number considerably. 4,428,000 notes were produced.

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