T65 - $100 Keatinge & Ball

from the seventh issue, February 17, 1864

A vignette of "Women of the South" as represented by Lucy H. Pickens is in the center. Two soldiers are to the lower left. A bust of George W. Randolph, Confederate cabinet member, is to the lower right. The bills were printed in pink and black. They have a blue web reverse with denomination and are printed on plain paper.

These bills are printed with a Series I and II and without series. 12 plate letter varieties exist (A, B, C, D of each). There are probably over 100 minor varieties due to differences in engraving and size of notes within frame line. Some have attributed the difference in size to paper shrinkage but this would hardly cause more than 1/8 inch difference while some notes may be as much as 5/16 inch shorter. Since the words "For Register" and "For Treasurer," etc. can be found spaced many different ways, along with differences in dashes, it is obvious that the different sizes are not the result of paper shrinkage but were differently engraved. Similar differences have been found on the $100 notes of 1862 and 1863 but those of this issue are better known. 896,644 were issued (incomplete data).

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