Early Massachusetts Currency 1690-1750
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    Early Massachusetts Currency

    The following are selected examples of early Massachusetts paper currency based on black and white photographs published in Eric Newman, The Early Paper Money of America, 3rd edition, 1990. Included are an example from the first issue of 1690, examples of Middle and New Tenor currency, and an example of the final pre-revolutionary issue from 1750.

    December 12, 1690 - The first emission (Old Tenor)


    5s                                   MA 12/12/1690                                    the back is blank

    1737 - Middle Tenor

    obv rev

    5p                                   MA 1737

    June 20, 1744 - New Tenor

    obv rev

    6p                                   MA 06/20/44

    1750 - New Tenor


    $ 1/16                                   MA 1750                                    the back is blank