South Carolina: October 19, 1776
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    South Carolina Currency

    October 19, 1776

    An emission of £130,000 in bills of credit denominated in Spanish milled dollars but valued in "current" South Carolina pounds. The bills were valued at a rate of one Spanish dollar to 32s6d in South Carolina currency. The face was printed with a engraved plate bearing a vignette and motto while the back of each denomination was typeset. Denominations issued were: $1, $2, $4, $6, $8 and $10. The equivalents in South Carolina pounds as listed on the notes were: $1 (£1 12s6d), $2 (£3 5s), $4 (£6 10s), $6 (£9 15s), $8 (£13) and $10 (£16 5s).

    obv rev

    $6                   Serial Number: 1217                 SC 10/19/76

    Signers: John Sanford Dart, Richard Mercer.

    Size: 75 x 93mm (obverse border design, 69.5 x 92mm; reverse border design, 53 x 76mm).

    Comments: Numbered in a dark brown ink with both signatures in a light brown ink. The seal depicts wind and waves with the motto: "Turbat sed extollit" (It is turbulant but it elevates). A similar image of a stormy sea is found on seven dollar Continental Currency notes. The imposition of the back is somewhat off center.

    Provenance: EANA mail bid auction 07/12/97 lot 248. Purchased through the Robert H. Gore, Jr. Numismatic Endowment.