Georgia: October 16, 1786
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    Georgia Currency

    October 16, 1786

    An emission of £50,000 in bills of credit to be loaned on real estate mortgage security according to the act of August 14, 1786. The legal tender status of this issue was revoked as of August 14, 1790. As with all Revolutionary era Georgia currency it was valid for paying taxes at the rate of $1,000 in paper for $1 in specie until November 13, 1786 when all issues became unredeemable. Printed by John E. Smith of Augusta on paper from Holland bearing the watermark "Honig and zoonen". The vignette of the Georgia constitution, which includes the motto: "Pro bono publico" (For the good of the public), was engraved by Abernethie. Backs are blank. There are three signatures on the three higher denominations and two signatures on the three lower denominations. Denominations printed were: 6d, 1s, 2s6d, 5s, 10s and 20s.


    20s                  Serial Number: 8008                 GA 10/16/86

    Signers: George Jones, W. Freeman, W. Steele.

    Size: 79 x 157mm. (front border design 75 x 154mm; back blank).

    Comments: Numbering and one signature in a faded red ink ink with two other signatures in brown ink. Denominated as 20s and £1. On the left portion of the note is a large metal cut consisting of a left border design and a draped vignette containing a parchment labelled "The Constitution of the State of Georgia 1777." The scroll above bears the motto: "Pro bono publico" (For the good of the public). Below this, the cut also contains a frame for the serial number. In the lower border of the serial number frame is a black strip with white letters reading "Abernethie Sc[ulptute], for the engraver. The right two-thirds of the note is typeset, with typset design borders. This example has a purple stain running along the bottom border of the typeset portion of the note. That margin states: "(design) £1 (design) Augusta: Printed by John E. Smith. (design) £1 (two designs)" In the paper chain lines are evident but no watermark is visible on this specimen. Click here to view the blank back.

    Provenance: EANA mail bid auction 12/2/95 lot 437. Purchased through the Robert H. Gore, Jr. Numismatic Endowment.