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    Washington Medals 1870-79


    500 dpi

    250 dpi


    500 dpi

    250 dpi

    Baker 280A           Our Country and Our Flag           [ca. 1870]                    

    Obverse:   [above] GEO. WASHINGTON     [below] [five pointed star] FATHER OF HIS COUNTRY [five pointed star]
    Reverse:   [above] OUR COUNTRY AND OUR FLAG     [below] NOW & FOREVER
    Edge:  reeded     click here for a sample of the edge

    BRASS       Weight:  87.0 g   (5.63 grams)           Diameter:  22.1 mm           Reverse die alignment: 360°

    Comments:   The obverse displays a roman mantled bust right portrait of Washington while the reverse displays a military trophy consisting of crossed flags, canons, drums and bayonets with a victory wreath above. This undated medal was categorized as one of several patriotic medals produced just before and during the early years of the Civil War. In the second edition Rulau and Fuld date this to ca. 1870. Our example is looped for suspension as issued. Reeded edge.

    Provenance:  Part of an anonymous donation consisting of 1100 tokens and medals covering the Nineteenth century, primarily up through the Civil War era.

    Reference: Rulau and Fuld, p. 68; Rulau and Fuld, 2nd. ed., p. 130; Rulau, U.S. Tokens, third edition, p. 124; Baker, p.118.

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