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    Washington Medals 1850-1859

    Game Counters and Play Money


    500 dpi

    250 dpi


    500 dpi

    250 dpi

    Baker C599E       NO GOOD Token                 

    Obverse:  GENERAL     WASHINGTON
    Reverse:   NO / GOOD
    Edge: Reeded

    German silver       Weight:  61.8 g   (4.0 grams)           Diameter:  23.9 mm           Reverse die alignment: 360°

    Comments:   The obverse shows a bust left in military dress with thirteen stars, considered to represent Washington. The reverse contains a maple leaf wreath with a crown at the top and ornamental designs above and below the central legend. Rulau and Fuld record only two known examples, this being the third.

    The reverse has a general similarly to the Canadian quarter of the period 1870-1936, in that there is a maple leaf wreath with a crown above, but the wreath is quite different in details from one on the quarter. The crown closely resembles, but does not exactly match, the small crown reverse used on Canadian quarters from 1902-1905. The origin and use of this very rare undated item is unknown. Both Kurth and Rulau list it with game counters, most probably due to the reverse legend.

    Provenance:  Acquired through the Robert Gore Numismatic Endowment from the EAHA auction of August 22, 1998, lot 702.

    References: Howard Kurth, American Game Counters, Chicago, 1952, item 85A; Rulau and Fuld, p. 238 listed as Baker C-599E.

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