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    Washington Medals 1801-1809


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    Baker 72A        Sansom Medal              second issue         John Reich         Philadelphia mint

    Obverse:   G. WASHINGTON     PRES. UNIT. STA.
    Reverse:   COMMISS. RESIGNED : PRESIDENCY RELINQ.   [in exergue] 1797

    Red bronze       Weight:  610.6 g   (39.56 grams)           Diameter:  40.6 mm           Reverse die alignment: 360°

    Comments:   This is the fourth in a series of medals issued by Joseph Sansom in Philadelphia in 1805. The dies were designed by the mint engraver John Reich, whose initial R. is found at the lower portion of the truncation of Washington's right arm. The original Sansom medal (Baker 71) was issued in silver, bronze and white metal and used as the model for the Halliday medal (Baker 70). In 1859 the Sansom medal was reissued by the Philadelphia mint using the original obverse die and a remade reverse die. The reverse can be distinguished in that the final letter Q is very close to the base on the original die, but is spaced further from the base on the remade die. The second dies were used through the 1860's and 70's to produce examples in silver and red bronze. There is also a unique example in brass. Gold bronze examples were also issued and are still being sold at the mint. The example above is a red bronze medal from this second issue. In 1879 the Chapman brothers coin dealers issued a third series using newly created dies, but in a larger size (47mm). The third series is designated as Baker 73 and were issued in bronze, copper and white metal. An advertisement for the Chapman medal appears in the American Journal of Numismatics, vol.13, no.4 (1879).

    Provenance:  Part of an anonymous donation consisting of 1100 tokens and medals covering the Nineteenth century, primarily up through the Civil War era.

    References: Rulau and Fuld, p. 59.

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