Virginia: October 7, 1776
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    Virginia Currency

    October 7, 1776

    An emission of £400,000 ($1,333,333) in legal tender treasury bills valued in Spanish Milled Dollars and redeemable on January 1, 1790. This was the second issue using the revised Virginia state arms on the front showing Liberty as a soldier trampling a foe. Denominations of $4 and higher had the motto "Sic semper tyrannis" (So always to tyrants). In the motto there is a misspelling, or more correctly the use of the wrong Latin case ending of "tyrannus" for tyrannis. The border cuts for the dollar denominations were reused from the prior issue. This issue has a blank reverse and is printed on heavy rag paper containing blue fibers and mica flakes. There was one signer on denominations of a dollar and below and two signers on higher denominations. Denominations issued were: $ 1/6, $ 1/3, $ 2/3, $1, $4, $5, $6, $8, $10 and $15.


    $6                   Serial Number: 17,725                 VA 10/07/76

    Signers: William Dickson, James Wray.

    Size: 67 x 100mm (front border design: 62 x 92mm).

    Comments: The state insignia appears on left showing Liberty as a soldier triumphant over her foe with the motto: "Sic semper tyrannus" (So always to tyrants). To view the blank back click here.

    Provenance: Purchased through the Robert H. Gore, Jr. Numismatic Endowment from the EANA mail bid auction of 01/18/97, lot 400.