Virginia: March 4, 1773-Ashby Notes
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    Virginia Currency

    July 17, 1775 - Ashby notes

    An emission of £350,000 in Treasury notes redeemable by January 1, 1784 was authorized on July 17, 1775. There was not enough heavy rag paper to complete the printing of this issue so the emission was continued with the large size engraved forms remaining from the 1773 Ashby series for the 20s, £2, £3 notes as well as for a new £5 note. By Late August it was clear the Ashby forms would be exhausted before the emission was completed. From September 1st, 1775 the government used the James River Bank forms that had been left over from the April 1, 1773 emergency issue to complete the July 17, 1775 emission.

    The blanks on the front of the large size Ashby forms were filled in by hand. The body of the two pound note, reads as follows (with handwritten sections added in italics): "Two Pounds / Current Money of Virginia according to / Act of Assembly passed the   17th Day of July 1755, on Ordinance of Convention   / and by appointment of said (ASSEMBLY) [Assembly put in parenthesis and   Convention   written in above] / Signed by us and endorsed by the Treasurer." Two signatures were added below and the Treasurer endorsed the form on the otherwise blank back. The forms were also numbered and indented. Ashby forms were issued for the 20s, £2, £3 notes as well as a for a new £5 note, that had not been used in 1773.


    £2               Serial Number: 53 / 5246                  VA 07-17-75 Ashby

    Signer: Philip Johnson and John Tazewell.

    Size: 172 x 124mm (written space excluding indent border 136 x 109mm)

    Comments: Engraved indented note numbered and signed in brown ink. The arms of Virginia is displayed at the top of the note. The indent design reads VIRGINIA in gothic type with a scroll below stating "TO COUNTERFEIT IS DEATH." To the left of the scroll is "II" and "L" is to the right. Endorsed on the otherwise blank back by Robert Carter Nicholas, Treasurer. For a detail of the endorsment signature by Nicholas click here. The thin laid paper has several watermarks: in the center is a design consisting of the letter C opposite a reversed C; also along the top, right and bottom edges is a looped line. To view the endorsed back click here.

    Provenance: Purchased through the Robert H. Gore, Jr. Numismatic Endowment from the EANA mail bid auction of 01/17/97, lot 416.