Colonial Lottery: Rhode Island Ticket
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    Rhode Island Lottery

    A Ticket from the Providence Street Lottery, No. II, February 1761


    Description: Indented ticket, numbered 356, dated1761. Control letter: B. Signed by Joseph Bennet, one of the lottery directors.

    Dimensions: 82 x 50mm (top rule 68mm across, from top rule to lower rule 42mm)

    Comments: This lottery ticket is from the second of three classes. Proceeds from this class were to be used to pave from the bridge towards uptown. On the back are the signatures of Peter Cook , [Je]remiah Hopkin[s] and [T]homas Brown Above the signatures is "16" and below the signatures "£16 Received in full" then signed below, "Peter Cook".

    Provenance: Acquired from the EANA, April 20, 1996, Mail Bid Auction, Lot 622. Purchased through the Robert H. Gore, Jr., Numismatic Endowment.