Pennsylvania: April 10, 1775
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    Pennsylvania Currency

    April 10, 1775

    An emission of £25,000 in bills of credit for the construction of jails. The front of the bills is similar to the Franklin and Hall issue of April 25, 1759 with three border cuts and the Penn arms. This issue is printed in red and black by Hall and Sellers in Philadelphia. The back contains an engraving of the Walnut Street Workhouse (jail) in Philadelphia and thus the issue is called the "Workhouse issue". The text on the back is upside down. The £5 note comes in plates A and B while the 50s note come in plates C and D. Usually one of the three signers used red ink. Denominations issued were: 50s and £5.

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    50s                 Plate D                     Serial Number: 1137                 PA 04/10/75

    Signers: Job Bacon, Lindsay Coats (in light red), Edward Roberts.

    Size: 91 x 74mm (front border design: 85 x 71mm; back border design: 85 x 71mm).

    Comments: Numbered with first and third signatures in black ink. Second signature in red. Printed in red and black. The front contains the Penn family arms in red with the motto "Mercy Justice." The colony name is correctly spelled as "Pennsylvania" on this plate. The back, displays an engraving of the Walnut Street Workhouse or jail in Philadelphia. Also, the text above and below the workhouse were printed upside down. The paper contains mica flakes.

    Provenance: EANA mail bid auction 04/20/96 lot 552. Purchased through the Robert H. Gore, Jr. Numismatic Endowment.