Pennsylvania: March 1, 1769
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    Pennsylvania Currency

    March 1, 1769

    An emission of £16,000 in bills of credit as authorized by the act of Fenruary 18, 1769. All notes have the Penn family arms on the front and a nature print on the back. As with several other notes from this period the text states they are indented but they were not. Printed by David Hall and William Sellers in Philadelphia. This is the second emission by Hall and Sellers. The 30s denomnation has plates A-C, while the 60s note comes in plates A and B. Throughout the denominations the spelling of the colony name "Pennsylvania" is found in various forms as an anti-counterfeiting measure. The entire issue was recalled becaue of counterfeiting. Denominations issued were: 8s, 12s, 30s (£ 1 10s) and 60s (£ 3).

    obv rev

    60s               Serial Number: 213                Plate B               PA 03/01/69

    Signers: J. Nixon, Thomas Wharton, Joseph Richardson.

    Size: 73 x 84mm (front border design: 70 x 84mm; back border design: 70 x 85mm).

    Comments: Penn family arms with thew motto "Mercy Justice" in a scroll at the bottom of the arms. Above the arms the denomination is listed as twelve crowns. The colony name has various spellings in this issue, on this denomination it appears as "Pennsilvania ". The note was redeemed and cancelled with a large X through the text on the face of the note. This issue states "This Indented Bill..." but the issue was not indented, the wording was retained from earlier issues that had been indented. This example is from plate B, with the plate letter in the lower left corner. The back has a nature print consisting of a filbert leaf with L3 for £3 to the upper left and to the lower right the roman numeral LX · S for 60 shillings, both are in white.

    Provenance: Purchased through the Robert H. Gore, Jr. Numismatic Endowment from the R. M. Smythe Chicago Paper Money Exposition, Auction no. 196, February 17. 2000, lot 1026.