New York: August 13, 1776
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    New York Currency

    August 13, 1776

    An emission of $500,000 (£200,000) in legal tender bills of credit payable in Spanish milled dollars or the same value in gold or silver. This issue contains similar border cuts and the same emblems and mottos as on the Colony of New York March 5, 1776, emission (not to be confused with the NYC emission of the same date). However, the $1/16, which was not in the earlier emission, is without an emblem. As on previous issues the emblem devices derive from a book of emblems by J. C. Weigels. Printed by Samuel Loudon of New York City on thick paper. Following the practice on contemporary Continental Currency, no one dollar denomination was issues, because of the anticipated minting of one dollar Continental Currency coins. Denominations issued were: $1/16 (6d), $1/8 (1s), $1/4 (2s), $1/2 (4s), $2, $3, $5 and $10.

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    $3                   Serial Number: 15611                 NY 08/13/76

    Signers: Benjamin Newkerk, Alexander Webster.

    Size: 69 x 114 mm (front border design: 62 x 106mm; back border design: 62 x 106mm).

    Comments: Signed and numbered in black ink. Seal of City of New York on front right. On the back right there is an emblem of the Ten Commandments with the motto: "Lex regit, arma tuenter" (Law rules, weapons protect).

    Provenance: EANA mail bid auction 12/02/95 lot 487. Purchased through the Robert H. Gore, Jr. Numismatic Endowment.