New York: April 21, 1760
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    New York Currency

    April 21, 1760

    An emission of £60,000 in legal tender bills of credit. Printed by William Weyman in New York City. The text follows that of the previous emission of April 2, 1759 while the border cuts follows those of the February 16, 1756 and April 20, 1756 issues. The seal of the city of New York is based on engravings made by Charles Le Roux for the November 15, 1734 issue and the border cuts are based on cut Le Roux made for the December 10, 1737 issue. This was the last in a series of 13 similar issues which started in December of 1737. Denominations issued were £2, £5 and £10.


    £5                   Serial Number: 1548                 NY 04/21/60

    Signers: Elias Des Brosses, John Van Horne, John Bogert, Jr.

    Size: 56 x 92 mm (outside edges of front border design trimmed--inside border dimensions: 48 x 81mm; the back is blank).

    Comments: Signed and numbered in brown ink. In the top center of the bill there is a picture of a pound weight with a Roman numeral 'V' superimposed. The seal of the City of New York appears on the right front. Handwritten annotation "Wi." on back. Click here to view the annotated back.

    Provenance: Purchased through the Robert H. Gore, Jr. Numismatic Endowment from the EANA mail bid auction of 1/13/96, lot 412.