New Jersey: 1786
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    New Jersey Currency


    An emission of £100,000 in loan office bills of credit as authorized on May 17, 1786 with their legal tender status until December 5, 1798. The notes became void after June 5, 1799. Printed by Isaac Collins in Trenton on paper with a "New Jersey" watermark. The state seal is on the front and a sage leaf on the back. The back has the usual orientation with the stem of the sage leaf points toward the right border of the front rather than the left (the opposit orientation is found on the january 9, 1781 emission). At the bottom of the sage leaf is SIC for "Scuplsit (engraved by) Isaac Collins." The 1s note has plates A-C, 3s plates A-D, 6s which depicts bees has either plate A or no plate designation and 12s plates A-B. Bees are also found on the back of the #163;3 note. Denominations issued were: 1s, 3s, 3s, 6s, 12s, 15s, 30s, £3 and £6.


    3s            Plate B      Serial Number: 29,275             NJ 05/17/86

    Signers: Maskell Ewing, Benjamin Smith.

    Size: not available

    Comments: Signed and numbered in brown ink. New Jersey state seal appears on the left front. Paper is watermarked: "NEW JERSEY" Image of the back is not available.

    Courtesy of Early American Numismatic Auctions, Inc.   Images used with permission from their on-line auction catalog for the auction of April 20, 1996, lot 505.