New Jersey: June 9, 1780
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    New Jersey Currency

    June 9, 1780

    An emission of £225,000 ($600,000) in legal tender bills of credit payable in Spanish milled dollars with 5% interest by December 31, 1786. This issue was authorized pursuant to the Continental Congress Resolution of March 18, 1780. By an act of December 21, 1784 these notes were revalued at $3 in bills for $1 in specie. The front was printed in black with border cuts by Henry Dawkins. The back was printed in black and red with border cuts and emblems from the Continental Currency issue of January 14, 1779. The cuts surrounding the emblem are by Dawkins. Printed by Hall and Sellers in Philadelphia using paper watermarked "United States." Sometimes surcharged in red "Interest paid one year". There are two signatures on the front and a guaranty signature on the back. Denominations issued were: $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, $7, $8 and $20.

    obv rev

    $1                   Serial Number: 2116                 NJ 06/09/80

    Signers: Philemon Dickinson, David Brearley; Joseph Borden (guaranty signature on back).

    Size: 71 x 91mm (front border design: 70 x 89mm; back border design: 69 x 90.5mm).

    Comments: Signed and numbered in brown ink. The emblem on the back depicts a bowl containing weights sitting on top of an acanthus bush with the motto: "Depressa resurgit" (Having been pressed down it rises up again). Paper contains blue threads and mica flakes. There is also a watermark which reads "UNITED /STATES" on two lines (oriented to be read from the front).

    Provenance: EANA mail bid auction 1/13/96 lot 404. Purchased through the Robert H. Gore, Jr. Numismatic Endowment.