North Carolina: May 28, 1757
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    North Carolina Currency

    May 28, 1757

    An emission of £5,306 in indented public notes of credit payable with 6 percent interest per annum at the Proclamation Money rate by September 29, 1758. The notes were typeset by James Davis in Newbern, North Carolina, with the date and denomination added by hand. Each denomination has two varieties with either the phrase "Six per Cent. per Annum" or "Six per Centum per Annum." Denominations issued were: 10s, 20s, 40s, £3 and £5.


    £5                 Serial Number: 958                 NC 05/28/57

    Signers: John Starkey, Thomas Barker.

    Size: not available.

    Comments: Signed, dated, denominated and numbered in brown ink. The bill was printed from type and has a blank back. This note is the "per Cent." varient.

    Courtesy of Early American Numismatic Auctions, Inc.   Images used with permission from their on-line auction catalog for the auction of April 20, 1996, lot 521.