Colonial Lottery: Massachusetts 1744/45 Description
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    Colonial Lotteries

    Illustrations from Contemporary English Lotteries

    The are no surviving images of colonial American lotteries, however two illustrations of contemporary English lotteries survive in the "Every-Day Book" of Philip Hone (1780-1851). These illustrations are included below as they were reproduced by John Ashton in his A History of English Lotteries   London: Leadenhall Press, 1893 on p. 68, the first being unlabelled. For a description of the events depicted see the discussion of the 1744-45 Massachusetts Lottery using either of the navagation arrows at the bottom.

    The final illustration is from Ashton on p. 84 where he quotes a extract of an order from the Lords of the Treasury of December 12, 1775 to prevent fraud by the youths who were selected to draw the numbers from the drums. The text of the order is quoted by Ashton starting on p. 83 as follows:
    ... that every boy, before he is suffered to put his hand into either wheel, be brought by the proclaimer to the managers on duty, for them to see that the bosoms and sleeves of his coat be closely buttoned, his pockets sewed up, and his hands examined; and that, during the time of his being on duty, he shall keep his left hand in his girdle behind him, and his right hand open, with his finger extended... [for the remainder of the text click up the large image of the illustration]

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