Louisiana: September 2, 1720
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    Louisiana Currency

    September 2, 1720

    The third and final typeset emission of the Banque Royale (see the entry under the first emission, dated January 1, 1720, for a general introduction to the series). The notes of prior emissions were to be taken out of circulation and exchanged for the notes in this emission. As this was another exchange issue the word "Division" with the date of the authorization appears above the text. As with the previous issues the notes were hand numbered but the signatures were only printed. The backs were blank. Denominations in this issue were: 10 and 50 livres Tournois notes.


    50 Livres Tournois               Serial Number: 362425               LA 10/02/20

    Signers: Printed signatures of Giraudeau, Delanauze and Granet.

    Size: 110 x 160 mm.

    Comments: The text is translated as: [Top line] Fifty Tournois pounds.   [Line two] Division Ordered by the act of 2 September 1720.   [Main text] The Bank promises to pay the Bearer at sight Fifty Tournois pounds in Silver Specie, value received At Paris the tenth of September one thousand seven hundred twenty.   [Signatures] Viewed (i.e. inspected) for Mr. Fenellon (signed in print by a deputy); Signed for Mr. Bourgeois (signed in print by a deputy); Controlled for Mr. Durevest (signed in print by a deputy). Jean Baptiste de Fénelon was the Inspector for the Bank, Étienne Bourgeois was the Treasurer and Durevest was the Comptroller.

    The note was impressed with the bank seal. The indent shows the tip of an E and the top of the letters ROY from BANQUE ROYALE; there is a notch tear at the O. The paper is watermarked with "Billo de Banque" (Banknote) in cursive script. The word Billo should be Billet. This example shows the "e Banque     Billo de B" (read in the same direction as the indent). There are also five chain lines visible in the paper. Click here to view the blank back.

    Provenance: Acquired from an anonymous donor.