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    Georgia Currency


    An emission of typeset certificates of credit printed in red and black and denominated in Spanish milled dollars. See the general introduction to the 1776-77 Georgia emissions clickable in the list above. In this emission the $2 and $3 notes are smaller in size than the higher denomination notes and all but the the $3 have a circular blue green seal. Each certificate had five signers. Denominations issued were: $2, $3, $4, $5, $7, $9, $11, $13, $15 and $17.


    $3                   Serial Number 405                  GA 1777

    Signers: Thomas Stone, Benjamin Arthur, Samuel Saltus, William O'Bryen and Nehemiah Wade.

    Size: not available

    Comments: Signed and numbered in brown inks. This is the only denominatin in the emission with a typeset seal. There are nine different variations of border ornament designs for this denomination (varieties a-h with two styles of border b). This is variety e, as listed in Newman, with 12 ornaments to the right of the vertical line in the top and the bottom borders aw well as diamond shaped ornaments on both sides. The back is blank.

    Courtesy of Early American Numismatic Auctions, Inc. Images used with permission from their on-line auction catalog for the auction of November 16, 1996, lot 566.