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    Georgia: 1773

    Georgia Currency


    An emission of £4,299 sterling in typeset certificates authorized on September 29, 1773. The notes were issued to redeem earlier issues and to pay government expenses. These certificates were redeemable for current money or they cound be used for taxes or other payment to the government until September 29, 1773, when they became invalid. The certificates were printed in red and black inks with ornamental typeset borders. Part of this issue was probably used fulfill another act of September 29, 1773 authorizing the replacement of £520 in "decayed" notes and £73 in notes destroyed in a fire. The only denomination issued was 20s (£1).


    20s                   Serial Number 24                  GA 1773

    Signer: James E. Powell (Powelle), William Young, Noble Jones, Joseph Clay and Noble Wimberly

    Size: not available

    Comments: Numbered and signed in red ink. Indented on the left margin. The back is blank.

    Courtesy of Early American History Auctions, Inc. Images used with permission from their on-line auction catalog for the auction of April 26, 1997, lot 208.