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    Georgia: 1766-1767

    Georgia Currency


    An emission of £1,815 sterling in typeset certificates authorized on March 6, 1766. The notes were issued, "for the Encouragement of SETTLERS, and rebuilding the COURT-HOUSE in Savannah". The notes were put into circulation and, although not redeemable, they could be turned into the government in payment of taxes or other debts until March 1, 1771, when they became invalid. The certificates were printed in red and black inks with ornamental typeset borders and a vignette of the Savannah court house, the back was blank. Each note was hand dated in the blank spaces provided with the day and month on which that specific certificate was issued. Following the typeset year a serial number was added to each certificate by hand. According to the example illustrated in Newman certificate No. 605 was issued on September 1, 1766. Newman estimates 2,523 certificates were printed (exceeding the authorized number) with some dated to the following year. There were five signers on each certificate: Grey Elliott, William Ewen, Noble Jones, John Smith and Alexander Wylly. The only denomination issued was £1.


    £1                   Unnumbered remainder                  GA 1766-7

    Signer: Grey Elliott (partially signed remainder)

    Size: not available

    Comments: This is an undated, unnumbered, partially signed remainder. There is a large crown watermark on the paper. The back is blank.

    Courtesy of Early American History Auctions, Inc. Images used with permission from their on-line auction catalog for the auction of July 12, 1997, lot 171.