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    Continental Loan Office - Bill of Exchange

    Anderson US-96, 4A         issued in Maryland           Hopkinson/Harwood

    Third bill of exchange         Amount $24 / 120 l.t.        Dated October 12, 1780.

    Dimensions: 95 x 208mm (border dimensions: 97mm, measured from the bottom border to the highest point of the red script border at the top of the note x 192mm, measured from the inside edge of the indented portion on the left to the outside of the right border).

    Comments: This note is unnumbered and was never made payable. It originally bore the printed date 177-, but has been revised in ink to 1780. Printed with red and black inks with a border design down the right margin on a very thin watermarked paper. The note is indented with the script at the indent reading "States." The full sheet of four notes read, "United States of America." There are some holes in the signatures the most prominent being at the final o in Hopsinson. click here to view the blank back of the bill.