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    Treasury Certificates - January 1, 1780

    MA Treasury Commodity Certificate         6 % interest         dated January 1, 1780

    Anderson   MA-22         Certificate No. 5639           due: March 1, 1781

    Amount £470 9s8d                   To: Thomas Roche

    Dimensions: 301 x 166mm (engraved space dimensions: 262 x 120mm).

    The margins were cropped in the above image (small and large), for the full 2.4 meg uncropped image with margins click here. For the full back of the certificate click here.

    Treasury certificate authorized by the General Court on January 13, 1780 for Continental soldeir's pay and dated January 1, 1780. Blank certificates were signed by a committee of Thomas Dawes and Richard Cranch. When completed certificates were signed by the Treasurer of the Commonwealth, Henry Gardner. Value was based on the prices of various staple commodities (see introduction). Upon redemption the treasurer's signature was cancelled with an XX and the blank back was endorsed.

    Comments: This example has very large borders. Engraved by John M. Furnass in Boston with scroll borders and the state name in ornate script bordered with flourishes. This variety does not contain the name of the engraver. On the back the certificate is endorsed: "In behalf of Thomas Roche, John Popkin." Click here to view the annotations on the back

    Provenance: EANA mail bid auction 04/26/97 lot 366. Purchased through the Robert H. Gore, Jr. Numismatic Endowment.