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    Delaware Currency

    May 31, 1760

    An emission of £4,000 in bills of credit for public expenses. Printed by Benjamin Franklin and David Hall in Philadelphia using red and black inks on the front and black on the back. The front of the bills contain the English arms with top and bottom border cuts and typeset design in the right and left margins. The arms are sideways on the three highest denominations, sometimes facing inwards other times facing outwards. The reverse contains a new set of nature prints (41mm square). This is the first issue to discard the animal cuts. Denominations printed were: 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s.

    obv rev

    40s               Serial Number: 1042                  DE 05/31/60

    Signers: David Hall, Evan Rice and Vincent Loockerman

    Size: 88 x 70mm. (front border design: 88mm x side borders trimmed; back border design: 88mm x side borders trimmed).

    Comments: Numbered and first signature in black ink, other signatures in brown ink. On the front top and bottom borders the D in POUNDS is reversed sideways. On the front the English arms faces outwards, while on the 50s note it faces inwards. The back contains a typeset border and a leaf nature print. Printed by Benjamin Franklin and David Hall.

    Provenance: Purchased through the Robert H. Gore, Jr. Numismatic Endowment from the EAHA mail bid auction of 12/13/97, lot 212.