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    Delaware Currency

    May 1, 1756

    An emission of £2,000 in bills of credit for military expenses related to the French and Indian war. Printed by Benjamin Franklin and David Hall in Philadelphia. The front of the bills contain the English arms with top and bottom border cuts and typeset design in the right and left margins. The reverse of the four lower denominations are blank while the four higher denominations have animal cuts above and nature prints below. Denominations printed were: 1s, 18d, 2s, 2s6d, 5s, 10s, 15s and 20s.

    obv rev

    20s               Serial Number: faded                  DE 05/01/56

    Signers: faded [William Armstrong, Thomas Clark and John Clowes]

    Size: 88 x 68mm.

    Comments: Although the signatures are faded, there were only three individuals assigned to this small emission and all three were required to sign each note; they were William Armstrong, Thomas Clark and John Clowes. On the front in the top left border is the number 20 and in the lower border on either side is XX for the denomination 20 shillings. On the front is the English arms and to the right there are four crowns keyed to the denomination. The back contains a print of a lion with the denomination listed bewteen his feet. Below is a nature print of parsley. Printed by Benjamin Franklin and David Hall.

    Provenance: Purchased through the Robert H. Gore, Jr. Numismatic Endowment from EANA mail bid auction 04/20/96 lot 372.