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FAQ: Dealers Specializing in Colonial Spanish American Coins

Here are two firms specializing in Colonial Spanish American coins:

Daniel Frank Sedwick
P.O. Box 1964
Winter Park, Florida 32790

tel: 407-975-3325

website: http://www.sedwickcoins.com/

See Sedwick’s Fixed-Price Catalog link for a listing of cobs, milled coins and other items he is offering with current retail pricing. He also includes a large selection of books at: http://www.sedwickcoins.com/price_list.htm

One should also consult his “Modern Pirates” link with a listing of fake cobs at: http://www.sedwickcoins.com/modernpirates.htm

email: danielsedwick@worldnet.att.net


Ponterio & Associates
1818 Robinson Avenue
San Diego, California 92103

tel: 800-854-2888

website: http://www.ponterio.com/index.html

Ponterio is a major auction dealer.