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FAQ: Higley Coppers

Original Higley coppers are very rare and sell in the range of $5,000 to $10,000 or more depending on condition (which is usually quite worn). Bolen copies in extremely fine to uncirculated condition usually sell in the $200-300 range. There are also many modern souvenir replicas that have no numismatic value. The replicas are typically sold at colonial tourist sites such as Williamsburg for $1.00 each. Unless one has experience with these coins it may be difficult to determine if one has an original, a Bolen copy or a souvenir replica. An original and a Bolen copy are displayed and described on our site at:

If you believe you have what might be an original Higley I would suggest you contact the American Numismatic Association. This is one of the most reputable numismatic organizations in the country. They will not purchase your coin but for a fee they will provide an authentication service. Their service is universally accepted by dealers and collectors. If they document your coin as an original it would be accepted as such by dealers and collectors.

The American Numismatic Association authentication service has a site on the web at:

At that site they state:

"Items submitted for authentication are carefully examined and photographed; those determined to be genuine receive a black-and-white photo certificate of authenticity. AuthenticationPlus Service also can provide additional data, including, but not limited to: rarity, value, weight, diameter, specific gravity, variety, surface characteristics, reflectivity, originality, type of counterfeit, reed count, and recommended references for further research."

Unfortunately the cost of this service is not listed, one must contact them at the following address for further information.

ANA Collector Services
818 North Cascade Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80903-3279

Telephone: 800/467-5725
Fax: 719/634-4085