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FAQ: Where should I report my finds of newly discovered Colonial and Confederation era coins?

Dr. Philip Mossman, author of several important articles and books on Colonial numismatics and the editor of The Colonial Newsletter, is maintaining a database of all Colonial coin hoards discovered in America. If you have uncovered some items please send him a listing of the items with a description of the location where the coins were uncovered. His study is limited to coins found in non-collector accumulations. This refers to items found in the ground during excavations, while metal detecting or along a river bank or beach; it does not include coins acquired from dealers, auctions or flea markets or coins that have been held by a family.

The purpose for maintaining this census of newly discovered coins is to study the circulation patterns of the money used in Colonial and Confederation America before the Federal Mint was established in 1793. Thus the focus of the work is to discover specific coins that were lost during the Colonial and Confederation period and have remained in that location to the present day. Please DO NOT send the coins themselves but only a description and the general location where they were recovered.

To contact Dr. Mossman through e-mail simply click on his address listed below and an e-mail form will appear. Please include in the subject line: Colonial coins and be sure to include a return e-mail address.