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    Willow Tree Coinage, ca. 1652 - ca. 1660 or 62

    Shilling (Modern Reproduction)


    500 dpi

    250 dpi


    500 dpi

    250 dpi

    1652                                 Modern reproduction of a Willow Tree Shilling

    Obverse:  MASATHVSETS IN
    Reverse:  NEWENGLAND A N DOM. [in a beaded oval]    1652   /  XII

    Weight:  100.3 g   (6.50grams)                  Diameter:  25.1 mm

    Comments:  This is a modern souvenir reproduction in imitation of the Willow Tree shilling. Although the appearance is similar to the original coins, it does not imitate any know die type. It has been added to give the novice a general idea of the style of this coin type. The size and weight of original examples are equal to the NE coins. Like NE coins the Willow tree series are quite rare.

    Provenance:  Loaned in September of 1998 for scanning and inclusion on this site by Cliffton Gilchrist of Mishawaka, Indiana.

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