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  • Washington American Armies Coppers of 1792 - Introduction

    The Washington American Armies Coppers of 1792

    BORN VIRGINIA obverse


    500 dpi

    250 dpi


    500 dpi

    250 dpi

    undated [1792]        Baker 60                          Born Virginia - American Armies Copper

    Obverse:  GEO. WASHINGTON BORN VIRGINIA FEB. 11. 1732 .
    Reverse:   * / GENERAL / [OF THE] / AMER[ICA]N ARMIE[S] / 177[5] / RESIGNED / 1783 / PRESIDENT / OF THE / UNITED STATES / 1789
    Edge: plain

    Weight:  173.6 g   (11.25 grams)             Diameter:  31.8 mm           Reverse die alignment: 360°

    Comments:  Listed by Fuld as WA.1792.9. This coin is somewhat oblong with a diameter of 31.8mm from top to bottom and 30.6mm from side to side. On the obverse there are several nicks. It was struck slightly off center so that there is a very pronounced border design on the lower portion of theobverse but none on the top portion. The reverse is also nicked and somewhat off center. The border design is bold from 6:00 to 9:00 o'clock but opposite, at the word ARMIES, the S is partly off the planchet. The reverse inscription begins with a six pointed star and on this example, as on most surviving examples, a portion of the inscription is worn off; the missing sections are supplied above in brackets. This is the more common reverse die, in which the D of RESIGNED is under the N in PRESIDENT. As explained in the introduction, a few examples were combined with a similar die (with the D under the T) that was also used for the 1792 dated variety of American Armies coppers.

    Provenance:  Acquired through the Robert H. Gore, Jr. Numismatic Endowment from the EAHA auction of August 22, 1998, lot 688.

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