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    Georgius Triumpho Copper - 1783


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    1783        Baker 7                       Georgius Triumpho Copper

    Obverse:  GEORGIVS     . TRIUMPHO .
    Reverse:  VOCE  POPOLI      1783

    Weight:  131.8 g   (8.54 grams)                  Diameter:  28.5 mm

    Comments:  This coin is listed in Vlack's article on 1783 dated Washington coppers as Vlack 30-Z and by Fuld as WA.1783.1. On the obverse there are small die cracks in both G's in GEORGIVS, the cracks run from the final cross stroke in the center up to the serif at the start of the letter. In the same word there is also a small die crack in the E from the top horizontal to the serif on the center horizontal. On the S punch the bottom of the S was not as deeply cut as the top portion, this has slightly raised the surface of the bottom section of the letter, thus the bottom bow shows a slight ridge from the top of the final serif to the center of the letter. In TRIUMPHO note that the verticals of the H are not even.

    On the reverse there is a major die crack in front of Liberty running through her right shoulder and continuing down into the gate. This crack is absent from the first examples struck. It seems to have been due to a die clash and first appears in a state similar to the example shown above. In its final stages the crack becomes much more pronounced moving to the top of the head and further down into the gate area. Also note that the bottom of the spear, seen above the 7 in the date, is not properly aligned with the upper portion of the shaft. In the legend the top of the second O in POPOLI is very weak. Also in the date, the top portion of the 8 is broken on the right side near the center; Ringo has shown this to be quite like the 8 on the 1783 Constellatio Nova Crosby 1-A variety.

    Provenance:  From the Robert H. Gore, Jr. Numismatic Collection.

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