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    Nova Constellatio Patterns 1783


    500 dpi

    250 dpi


    500 dpi

    250 dpi

    1783                               Nova Constellatio - 5 units copper

    Obverse:   NOVA   ·   CONSTELLATIO       [trefoil design]
    Reverse:   LIBERTAS · JUSTITIA · 1783 ·   [in center]  U . S / . . . 5 S

    Weight:  75.15 g                      Diameter:  24.35 mm

    Comments:   This is a black and white reproduction of the unique 5 units copper owned by John J. Ford, Jr. The images were scanned by James Spilman from The Colonial Newsletter Foundation photofiles. The weight and diameter are taken from Breen. For comments on this copper coin see the introduction.

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