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    The New Yorke in America Token, between 1668 and 1673


    72 dpi


    72 dpi

    [between 1688 and 1673]             New Yorke in America token

    Obverse:  [no legend]
    Reverse:  [cinquefoil] NEW YORKE IN AMERICA" [followed by an arabesque design]

    Weight: not available                    Diameter: not available.

    Comments:  This image is used with permission from the Early American History Auction online catalog for the January 17, 1998 auction, lot 19. The coin is not in the Notre Dame collection. It is added as an example of this very rare variety from a 72 dpi scan that was available over the web for about five weeks before the auction. The auction catalog did not give the weight or diameter of the token but mentioned the example has a PCGS grade of F-15.

    The obverse depicts the winged Cupid with his bow approaching a grove of palm trees, on the other side of the trees is a woman identified as Psyche because of what appears to be a butterfly on her shoulder (both Psyche and the butterfly are classical personifications of the soul). As is usuual for these token the reverse is in poorer condition. It depicts an eagle with spread wings, this is the family heraldic device of the second governor, Francis Lovelace, who served as the second governor of New York from 1668 through 1673. This coin was made and circulated in England as a test pattern for an american coinage that was never produced. See the introduction for further details.

    Provenance: Image used with permission from the Early American History Auction on line catalog, offered in the January 17, 1998 auction, lot 19.

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