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    Immunis Columbia Copper 1787


    500 dpi

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    500 dpi

    250 dpi

    1787                             backdated Immunis Columbia Copper

    Obverse:  IMMUNIS   COLUMBIA   1787
    Reverse:  * E * PLURIBUS * UNUM *

    Weight:  154.7 g   (10.03 grams)             Diameter:  27.2 mm             Reverse die alignment: 170°

    Comments:   This is a well worn, porous example of the standard small planchet variety. On the obverse the area around the scales is quite weak as is usual on late strikes. The reverse is too worn to detect the die cracks. The area at the start of the reverse legend, where a die clash occurred, is quite worn and was probably a weaker strike than the remainder of the legend. As mentioned in the introduction Michael Hodder has shown this issue was produced by Matthais Ogden at Rahway, New Jersey from late 1788 through mid 1789.

    Provenance:  From the Robert H. Gore, Jr. Numismatic Collection.

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