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    Connecticut Coppers 1785


    500 dpi

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    500 dpi

    250 dpi

    1785        Miller 5 - F.5           mailed bust right - Buell, Company for Coining Coppers, CT copper

    Obverse:  AUCTORI :   CONNEC :
    Reverse:   INDE : [quatrefoil]     ET LIB :   1785

    Weight:  157.6 g   (10.21 grams)              Diameter:  28.71 mm             Reverse die alignment: 180°

    Comments:   This is one of some twenty mailed bust right varieties created by Abel Buell in 1785 using devise punches for the bust and the figure of Liberty. A few rare varieties differ in that the hair ribbon is longer and the A in the legend begins at a point higher than the upper of the two ribbons (as Miller 6.3 and 6.5 on the die chart clickable at the bottom of the introduction to this section).

    The obverse is 1785 Miller obverse 5. The 1785 obverses are distinguished by Miller based on subtleties of the legend. He states in obverse 5 the lower stop of the colon is half on the head; the lower ribbon is distant from the A while the upper ribbon is close to the U and the AUC letters are spaced close together. Also, as on many varieties the lower stop of the final colon is slightly below the line of the final C. Also Miller mentions the neck is large and poorly shaped. Miller distinguished two varieties of obverse 5 (a 5.1 and 5.2) however it has been determined these are the same die with 5.1 simply being a later state showing die cracks (see: Rock, CNL 1991, p. 1245). The example shown here displays the later cracks. Note the first C in CONNEC is closed by a small die crack. Also, below the chin are some blots of extra metal running in a line down to the chest, again representing cracks that developed in the die. This obverse was only combined with reverse F.5.

    As all 1785 reverse dies, it originally had three grape vines on the shield (three grape vines were also found on the state's shield), but that area is worn on this example. The reverse is easily identified as reverse F as it is the only reverse with the colon and single quatrefoil after INDE and then just a colon after LIB. This reverse is found in five varieties, of which the example shown is Miller's fifth variety, F.5. Miller stated in variety five the branch hand points to the first colon (as in F.2 and F.3). Also, the I in INDE is close to the double date line, while the colon following is distant from the E (as in F.3). It differs from F.3 in that F.3 has a heavy upper date line, while in F.5 the two lines are about equal in thickness. To see these details check the 1785 reverse die chart found at the bottom of the introduction.

    Provenance:   Purchased through the Robert H. Gore, Jr. Numismatic Endowment at the Fourth Annual C4 Convention Auction of Chris McCawley and Bob Grellman (M & G Auctions) on November 21, 1998, lot 96, where this item was graded as VF20.

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