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  • Brasher's Doubloons 1787 Introduction

    Brasher's Doubloon 1787

    Robinson reproduction


    500 dpi

    250 dpi


    500 dpi

    250 dpi

    1787 [1861]          Robinson copy of Brasher's Doubloon                       

    Obverse:  NOVA [cinquefoil] EBORACA [cinquefoil] COLUMBIA [cinquefoil] EXCELSIOR [cinquefoil]
    Reverse:   UNUM * E   PLURIBUS [cinquefoil] 1787 [cinquefoil] [with an EB counterstamp on the eagle's wing].

    Weight:  167.8 g   (10.87 grams)             Diameter:  29.2 mm             Reverse die alignment: 170°

    Comments:  This is a copper proof copy imitating Brasher's gold doubloon produced in 1861 by Alfred Robinson of Hartford, Connecticut using dies made by the Boston diesinker Joseph Merriam. The lettering and date are in larger letters that the original and are in a different style. According to Kenney twenty-five examples were struck in copper and twenty-five in brass.

    The obverse shows the sun rising from behind a mountain with the ocean in the foreground as is found on the state shield. The legend reads "New York" "Columbia" (This word is from Columbus and refers to the United States) and includes the state motto "Excelsior" (Higher). On originals the name of the engraver BRASHER appears between the bead line and the water, but this was left off the copy. Also, the original quatrefoils were transformed into cinquefoils. On the reverse is the eagle with the national shield and the unusually worded national motto "Unum e pluribus" (One from many), as well as the date 1787. Again the original quatrefoils were changed to cinquefoils and the original six pointed star to the left of E was made into a five pointed star while the star to the right of the E was left off the copy entirely. Additionally, after the originals had been minted they were stamped with an EB counterstamp (either on the wing or breast area). In the copy the EB counterstamp was actually part of the die and not an overstrike.

    Provenance:  From the Robert H. Gore, Jr. Numismatic Collection.

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