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    Undated Barbados Tokens

    The Moses Tolanto Token "Halfpenny"


    500 dpi

    250 dpi


    500 dpi

    250 dpi

    undated              Barbados Pridmore 72, KM-Tn3        Tolanto "halfpeny" token

    Obverse:  MOSES   TOLANTO    BARBADOES [a bale in the center with the initials M. T]
    Reverse:  FREEDOM   WITHOUT   SLAVERY   [six petal rosette below, in the center is a barrel with the initials M T]

    Weight:  142.7 g   (9.24 grams)                  Diameter:  29.02 mm

    Comments:   Listed in Pridmore on p. 89. Plain edge, beaded border. The Synagogue of Bridgetown recored the burial on May 30, 1852 of a Moses Tolano. He was the 38 year old son of Joseph Tolano and had been listed as a merchant at 33 Swann Street in Bridgetown. The will of Moses Tolano was registered in the Public Record Office on June 4, 1852. Although the name differs slightly (Tolano rather than Tolanto) it is thought this is the individual who ordered the tokens.

    The example shown here is well preserved but has a large void on the obverse from above the D going through the OES on BARBADOES to the edge; this mark is found on several examples for it was added to invalidate the tokens. On the reverse is a planchet flaw consisting of numerous pit marks at OUT of WITHOUT. Weight ranges are from 143.8 grains to 119.6 grains, which led Pridmore to speculate there were two minting runs, one with a heavier planchet and another with a lighter planchet.

    Provenance:  Donated to Notre Dame as part of a large collection of Eighteenth and Ninteenth century British and American tokens.

    Latest revision: December 23, 1999

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