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    Bar Copper 1785


    500 dpi

    250 dpi


    500 dpi

    250 dpi

    [1785]                              Bar Copper

    Obverse:  USA
    Reverse:  [no text]

    Weight:  79.9 g   (5.17 grams)            Diameter:  25.0 mm             Reverse die alignment: 350°

    Comments:  This token is based on a Continental Army button design. It has a USA monogram on the obverse and thirteen bars on the reverse. Genuine examples, as this specimen, can be identified from later reproductions in that the genuine coin will have a spur protruding down from the far right side of the second bar pointing toward the third bar. Often there is also a small die crack joining the two bars almost in the middle of the coin, although the crack is not visible in this well circulated example. The reverse die alignment assumes the spur on the second bar faces downward (otherwise it is only a guess as to which end is up!)

    Provenance:  From the Robert H. Gore, Jr. Numismatic Collection.

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