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    The Bahamas Copper of 1806


    500 dpi

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    500 dpi

    250 dpi

    Penny           1806        George III            Bahamas KM-1

    Obverse:  GEORGIUS III . D : G . REX .    1806

    Weight:  144.3 g   (9.36 grams)                  Diameter:  28.8 mm

    Comment:  This example has some scratches on the obverse. At the shoulder truncation in the fold of the drapery is the initial K for the diemaker Conrad Heinrich Kuechler. On the reverse is a ship flying the British Union Jack in the forground and tqo ships and an island in the background. The motto in exergue translates as folows: With the expulsion of the pirates commerce has been restored.

    Provenance:  Donated to Notre Dame in 1887 as part of a 2,300 item coin collection (see: The Notre Dame Scholastic,   vol. 21 (September 1887) 45.

    Latest revision: December 23, 1999

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