Fifth Issue - Introduction

The fifth issue was authorized by the Act of October 13, 1862 and was intended to be $90,000,000 in Treasury notes though around $140,000,000 were actually printed. Earlier legislation was used to reach the higher number. All denominations in this issue were engraved by Keatinge & Ball in order to limit confusion and prevent counterfeiting. Other firms aided in lithographing and printing on some of the lower denominations. B. Duncan contributed to the production of the $1, $10, and $20 notes. J. T. Paterson & Co. helped produce the $2, $5, and $20 while Evans & Cogwell did work on the $5 and $10 notes. These firms' names are also printed on the bills with Keatinge & Ball. There are lower denominations of these bills that may have been partially produced by Hoyer & Ludwig and George Dunn. They only have Keatinge & Ball imprinted on them.
The addition of Evans & Cogwell to the printing of these bills provided an additional 76 printing presses as Evans & Cogwell was one of the largest printing houses in the southern states. Evans & Cogwell continued in business after the war under the name Walker, Evans & Cogwell until 1990.

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